Beautiful ideas for north Liverpool

After years of decline and indecision, north Liverpool is back in the spotlight, with the Beautiful Ideas Company rebuilding its local economy and entrepreneurial heritage, says Erika Rushton North Liverpool doesn’t tend to get the headlines, attention and tourists that the centre and south of Liverpool are generating right now. But over half of the city’s population live here and at one time it was the home to the busiest several miles long row of docks on earth. Much of that trade still exists, but is happening downriver in the container port at Seaforth now, although the making, manufacturing, mending and movement of goods, the heritage of casual labour and the longstanding social entrepreneurialism, is still evident and active if you look closely enough. The economy and fabric of north Liverpool have suffered from various downturns through the decades and the recent years of austerity. But that relatively recent and … (To read more, subscribe below)

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Erika Rushton is co-founder of the Beautiful Ideas Company

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