10 ideas for change: Liverpool

friends6. Friends of the Flyover: An elevated urban park: We Make Places has put forward a number of ‘provocations’ to the city, the most popular of which is turning a 1970s city centre flyover into an elevated urban park for its people. Scheduled for demolition by the council, the new plans for the flyover have captured the imagination of the city, whose citizens helped crowdfund a feasibility study and took part in Flyover Fest last year. http://friendsoftheflyover.org.uk/

7. Engage Liverpool: Finding creative solutions to urban living: A social enterprise that stands up for the 40,000+ residents of Liverpool’s city centre and waterfront, Engage Liverpool brings people together to find creative ways to solve the problems of urban living. It recently held a festival to discuss solutions to rising air quality, and has brought urban experts from around the world to discuss topics from apartment design to connectivity and green spaces. https://www.engageliverpool.com/

8. Independent Liverpool: Linking up the city’s independent shops and businesses: With the slogan, ‘breaking free from the chain gangs’ Independent Liverpool brings together the city’s independent shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and arts and crafts, and offers a membership scheme. There are now 100 businesses signed up to the scheme, and 16,000 members, who save money when shopping at affiliated shops and receive updates and information about new openings and special offers. http://independent-liverpool.co.uk/

The Granby Four Streets Market

9. Granby 4 Streets: From street market to Turner prize: In Liverpool 8 the residents of four streets where houses had been boarded up for decades awaiting demolition began taking things into their own hands. What began with a few residents cleaning the road and holding a street market turned into plans for a community land trust to take ownership of the homes themselves. They brought in Assemble which set up a community enterprise which went on to win the Turner prize. http://www.granby4streetsclt.co.uk/

10. Baltic Creative: Nurturing creative and digital businesses: Set up in 2009 this community interest company helps meet the needs of the creative and tech businesses operating in the city’s Baltic Triangle. It manages co-working spaces, helps businesses establish and develop, and builds networks and collaborations. All profits are reinvested into its buildings and support networks and overall development of the sector. http://www.baltic-creative.com/

Clare Goff is Editor at New Start magazine

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